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The product advises users on how various taxes are applied to sales made within the US. It also considers how to pay US affiliates, whilst still maintaining compliance with IRS regulations, and the various forms therein. It also looks at various sites that make this compliance easier, without the need for filing your own tax reports. Other topics include explaination of PayPal's Adadaptive Payments, Stripe's Connect marketplace, (and their associated tax products) as well as subsscription / membership sites, and LMS plugins

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What Those
Internet Marketing Gurus
Selling Business Opportunies
Will Never Tell You

One of the biggest myths myths circulated by the internet marketing inner circle is:

"Create a website ...
add a Buy Now button to the page ...
and everytime you make a sale...
you will make a profit"

Oh, if only!

Whilst not completely untrue, it is -at best- a "half truth"

Indeed, if vendors told you the whole truth ...
they would probably never sell a marketing product ever again!

Let's face it, if you're going to be selling something, you're operating a business. And businesses have to keep records. But far more important - and something that is never mentioned - is that you are going to have to pay taxes on those earnings.

It's not helped by a number of sites that allow hundreds of affiliates to promote vendor's goods via affiliates. The companies assume everyone knows their affiliate income will be taxable. Indeed, you'd be surprised at the number of people who act as affiliates, and still think the money they earn is not taxable. Ho-hum.

I've got news for you It is !!

The companies also assume that all sellers realises it is their responsiblity to report all affiliate earnings to the IRS. (How many sellers realise the onus falls on them to do the tax reporting for all the affiliates they use?)

Most of these companies use a sort of legal "loop-hole"

For the most part, they simply tell the vendor how much they should be paying their affiliate ... and take a fee for providing this information. It is up to the vendor to find a way to pay their affiliates.

Or they can provide a digital wallet, and all affiliate commissions are deposited into that. However, this isn't real money, but rather it is an online "record" of how much commission the affiliate has accumulated. When an affiliate requests a payment from their wallet, it is actually coming dirctly from the vendor's own bank account. (And if that vendor has "done a runner", the affiliate doesn't get paid!) This means that technically the company is not paying the affiliate, the vendor is !! As such, the business does not have to report taxes, the vendor does

And unless you do a lot of research, for a newbie trader, finding your way around the complex US tax system is, quite frankly a daunting prospect

"It doesn't affect me
My business is not based in the USA"

Wrong. One hundred percent WRONG!

If you make one sale to a customer in the US ... you have created a tax liability to Uncle Sam. If you use an American affiliate who makes just ONE SALE, (and let's be honest, 80% of affiliates are in the US) you have a tax liability to American taxes

Again, these facts are seldom mentioned by the vendors eager to sell you their money making business opportunity. But not knowing all the facts, or more correctly not telling the IRS about any income you have, (as a vendor or as an affiliate) could see you facing severe financial penalties. In fact, one very well known guru didn't realise he had to register his affiliates for taxes, and received a hefty slap on the wrist running into millions of Dollars

Now, I'll be honest, I nearly fell into the "trap" too. I was about to launch a product when I discovered that any sales I made in America meant I could end up having to pay tax to the IRS. And that was before I discovered the delight of US Sales taxes

In short, it started an EIGHT WEEK, 12 hours a day research into the "nitty-gritty" of this hidden World. This guide is the result of that research. It covers various topics, including:

  • Why a "MOR" is probably a good idea for a newbie trader
  • The downside of using "MOR's"
  • The well known companies who "pass the tax buck" to the vendors
  • The one company that makes life easier for both vendors and affiliates
  • The downside of using that company
  • What is the difference between a payment processor and a merchant account ?
  • What is the technical format of a marketplace ?
  • How does PayPal's adaptive payment program work
  • Why Payoneer may not work for non-US businesses paying affiliates
  • A business that transfers funds for a very low fee
  • What is an "economic nexus" ?
  • What is a W9 ?
  • What is the difference between a W8-BEN and a W8-BEN-E ?
  • How to complete your own tax returns
  • What is TIN Matching ?
  • How do you efile ?
  • What is a TCC ?
  • What is a TIN, or an ITIN ?
  • Why some affiliate tracking plugins are far from ideal
  • Are your affiliate earnings subject to "tax Witholding" ?
  • What is a OSS ?
  • What is a MOO ?

This is just the tip of the iceberg of this 50+ page report

I haven't even mentioned Sales Tax / GST / VAT. For example, did you know ... if a customer makes a purchase in a particular State ... you owe that State a sales tax. And you have to file a tax report to EVERY State where you've made a sale in the last year!

"I'm only a small business.
They won't be interested in me.

Really? If you sell more than $600 of products in one State, (and let's face it, with a $97 product, you only need 7 sales to break that threshold) the taxman could come knocking. And for each affiliate's earnings you do not declare, they can fine you $280. But don't worry about that too much as there is an upper cap ... of just $3,300,000 (Yes THREE POINT THREE MILLION DOLLARS)

Of course, an affiliate has a much easier life: They advertise products, and once they earn over $600, the vendor SHOULD send them a tax report. Ideally, this would not be a simple text statement. It should be on an official IRS form. This proves that the vendor has in fact filed a copy of your earnings with the tax authorities. (and if you don't declare that income on your tax report, they could be knocking on YOUR door - since the vendor has already told them he paid you $xxx !!)

I live overseas.
My earnings won't be declared to the US tax man

Sorry, wrong again!

The US vendor HAS to report your earnings to the IRS by law ... but the authorities should not chase you for payment providing the vendor has requested a specific tax form from you stating you are exempt.

And if your business is Overseas, but uses US affiliates ... you, the vendor have to submit a form to the IRS stating why you might not be required to pay tax to Uncle Sam on the earnings you paid to affiliates. (Instead, you will pay the usual taxes on profits to your own Country)

Are you beginning to see why those flashy adverts telling you how to make a fortune online don't bother to mention the thorny issue of your tax liabilities? Remember, even if you live in Sweden, as soon as a product is sold to one of our friends in the Land of The Free (!) you will have the start of a tax liability!

Believe me, it's a VERY BRAVE SOUL who wants to take on:

  • The responsibility of paying affiliates each month
  • Tracking how much they have paid each affiliate
  • Ensuring there are enough funds in the bank account for payments / fees
  • Filing a tax report with the IRS for each and every affiliate
  • Registering with individual States to file Sales Taxes

... plus a few other techicalities. Remember, if your affiliate registers to promote your business using fake details, (or make an error on part of the form) the IRS will consider it fraud, and fine you the vendor up to $280 for every incorrectly submitted tax return!

So do yourself a favour. Spend a few bucks purchasing this report, and discover all the technicalities of issuing 1099-NEC and 1042-S forms, and protect the business you worked so hard to bulid up.

ps: A lot of sites that help vendors sell products via affiliates will simply tell you:
"It is the business owner's responsibility to be tax compliant" ...
and then offer you no advice as to what to do next. Whilst we cannot claim to be tax experts by any stretch of the imagination ... we might just know a little more than you do at this moment in time!

After extensive research, from all the businesses on the internet - most of them analysed within this guide = there is only ONE COMPANY we feel makes life easier for both vendor and affiliate sales in terms of easing the burden of tax compliance


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